Richard Hammond Gay Ice Cream Van

Richard Hammond – You’ve Let Me and Yourself Down

Richard Hammond suggests eating ice cream is ‘gay’ on his new Amazon show ‘The Grand Tour’.

I am a big fan of the Top Gear trio and I am aware at times they can be quite controversial, but I was very disappointed to hear that Richard Hammond suggested on such a popular worldwide show that eating ice cream is ‘gay’.

Who would have thought that he would stoop so low.  It was somewhat refreshing to see Jeremy Clarkson back away from this ridiculous childlike comment but I guess he has had enough controversy and cannot afford anymore.

They audience members applauding this stupid comment should also be ashamed of yourself.  You’re all on video seen doing so, nice one.

Here is Richard in action:

Richard, you’ve let yourself down, let me down, you’ve offended an entire community, acted irresponsibly and I expect to see an apology very soon.

Here are some of the news reports so far:


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